mel's frame shop


Flight of Fancy,  An art exhibit that has gone to the birds.
mels frame shop
Come see how our local artists are inspired by our winged friends. A collection of oil paintings, mixed media, photography, watercolor, collage and encaustics.

Join us for artists reception on Wed Feb 4th, 5-8pm
Show runs 1/20 - 3/15

Featured artists of the month on West Wall,
Mel Townsend, shows her love of birds and bridges.
open until 2/28

This year there will be 6 rotating group shows every two months along with the west wall featuring one local artist every month.

mels frame shop

Mel Townsend "Birds on a Wire"
mixed media and oil paint on paper

mels frame shop

Also featured in the show Mel's bridges and other bird art.
All sales of Mel's work goes toward Max's tutoring cost.

Bird houses created by friends of Max. Mel's son Max, a 5th grader was recently identified with dyslexia.

The sale of all bird houses and Mel's work will go toward raising awareness and funds to help offset the cost of additional educational expenses.